Architect and Urban Planner graduated from the National University of La Plata (UNLP) in 2001, has studied multiple postgraduate courses on Construction and Real Estate Investment Projects.

For years he worked as a teacher at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism (FAU-UNLP) in the areas of design and communication; developed tasks in construction companies in Argentina and Mexico, directing and carrying out projects of various sizes.

He participated in the management of the College of Architects (CAPBA1) of the City of La Plata, performing commission coordinator tasks.

He has spoken at conferences in the public-private sphere and has participated in several architecture competitions, obtaining awards and recognition.

He has stood out for designing, projecting and building works of different scales for individuals, and ventures for companies and investors from his own architecture studio.


The design inspiration arises from the analysis of human behavior and experience in their habitat. Uses, needs, relationships, information, communication, environment, are incorporated as design guidelines to generate contemporary architecture that responds to its time and space as a cultural contribution to the production of collective knowledge. During the creative process we incorporate concepts and principles that underpin the project idea, resulting in the creation of new rewarding and comfortable spaces that collaborate with the improvement of the environment and the quality of life of users.


Good design arises from the multidisciplinary vision of the profession, which allows us to approach solutions from different points of view. This synergy between the different collaborative actors accompanies us to determine the best response towards a comprehensive vision of the architectural product.

Digital culture

The digital era complements the interaction between both worlds, expanding and streamlining solutions and bridging cultural, communication and service gaps. Dialectics provides us with information tools, giving rise to the design of new hybridization spaces.


Building sustainably requires a holistic approach approach, where we conceptualize related issues ranging from environmental and social impacts, bioclimatic design, emissions and waste during construction to energy use savings.


Analyzing and interpreting the requirements of our clients is part of our work methodology that allows us to satisfy the real needs of the market, achieving better products and customer satisfaction. For this, it is essential to carry out professional accompaniment in each of the stages of the approach, from the first sketches, their development, to the completion of the work.



Fideicomiso Verde y Cerca, La Plata

Vivienda Provenzano-Bianchi, City Bell

Departamento 47, La Plata

Residencia Miguez Campos de Roca, Brandsen

Vivienda Multifamiliar Sergio Caballero, La Plata

Vivienda Mariani, La Plata

Vivienda Gabriela de la Cruz, Gonnet / Dúplex Adolfo Falero, Berisso / Oficinas ALPLA, Toluca / Vivienda Menegaz – Huergo, City Bell / Oficinas Contract Rent, CABA / Vivienda Ledesma, Berisso



Proyects & International Workshops.


NFT’s Collection of Digital Art and diagrams anticipating future trends in Metaverse, where people, brands and organizations converge in new economies and services through immersive experiences.


Concurso de anteproyectos Acceso a la FAU UNLP / Concurso Distrital de anteproyectos sede del CAPBA distrito I / Concurso Provincial de anteproyectos sede del CAPBA distrito IV Holcim Awords sustainable Construction Projects and Visions, Suiza / Estadio Club Estuduantes de La Plata / Concurso Nacional de Ideas para Plaza de Mayo y Área centro de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires / Prototipo estand turístico La Plata / Concurso Provincial de Anteproyectos para el Teatro San Martín Municipalidad de Pergamino / Concurso Provincial Sede Colegio de Magistrados y Judiciales de Trenque Lauquen / Jurado Premio TIL “Naturhumanismo” Congreso Latinoamericano de  Arquitectura UM FADAU.


Project: Service of design of works of architecture, having the pertinent documentation for its incorporation within the state registries and its technical-construction development. Includes a breakdown of materials and construction costs.

Construction management: It consists of the control of the faithful interpretation of the plans, taking into account measurements, materials, construction qualities and other conditions that represent the project taken to its building construction.

Executive construction management: These are cases of work by administration, in addition to carrying out the construction management, we obtain and supervise materials, labor and subcontractors.

Real estate ventures: Process to carry out a development, which is made up of Project, Construction Management, Administration, Management, Management and Post-sale.

Land valuation: Research that allows knowing the potential value of a property in order to generate a real estate business.

Consulting and advice on urban planning: Analysis of properties, potentialities, statistics, projections of static and dynamic variables. Environmental studies, pre-feasibilities. Proposals and large-scale projects.


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